Letters like this motivate me

I recently got an email titled “Great Site !!! ” Emails like this make me want to put more effort on math 24 game and put more content on this site.  With Manuel’s content, I post the edited email below:

Hello, my name is Manuel, i am from Barcelona, Spain.

First of all  would like to thank you for all the information i got from your site.

24 is a great game a friend of mine teach me two weeks ago.

I am just learning Java and coded the game. Brute force algorithm building all permutations given for numbers, adding all permutations for signs and finally adding all possibles parentheses. Then evaluating each possible solvable. Founding all solutions.

In the other hand in Rosettacode page i looked carefully all codes, (did not found Java which really surprise me)  but what surprise me the most was that all codes there, work like mine, brute force.

I will continue in summer, after my final exams, trying to do my best with the algorithm.

Keep this nice site up.

Cheers !!

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