After several weekends’ of work. Now you can play 24 the math game here.

Have fun and make it to the record books!

Hopefully I will collect enough data to rank the difficulties of the 1362 puzzles.


now go play!

3 thoughts on “Play!

  1. I love playing 24 and helping to figure out the difficulty ratings. But I keep getting the error message that I have two tabs of 24 open. I have tried refreshing. I have tried clearing the cookies for 24. What else can I do?


    • Also, after finishing a game. Please don’t click back back back to the game page. Instead, just click the link to the game page.

      Does that help?


  2. Hi, Brian,

    That’s the message when you finished playing a game, right? How often do you encounter such problem? Could you try deleting 24theory related history in your browser and give it another run?

    What browser do you use?

    I have some code guarding against people cross submitting scores, which may cause trouble in your case.

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