ios stuff

(1) new Cordova folder, new cordova.js in /www/

(2) remove old google_A files(references) then add new, remove it from Library search path (building settings – > Search paths)

(3) bundle version / string, short in -info.plist needs to be the new one (1.1 instead of 1)

(4) add build phase -> link binary with libraries : storekit.framework   Coretelephony… AVfoundation….

(5) change loadURL () in game.js and strings

(6) TO add icon files, drag and drop then go to .info file and add the file names

<key>CFBundleIconFiles</key> <array> <string>icon@2x.png</string> <string>icon.png</string> <string>Icon-Small.png</string> <string>Icon-Small@2x.png</string>



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