What happened to 24theory?

Some of you guys might wonder what happened to 24theory.com, why am I on this “4nums.com”.

Well, long story short, lawyer happened.

About two months ago, I got a  cease and desist letter from a lawyer representing a company that claims to own “24” on all mathematical software/game related things. The lawyer claimed that I cannot have 24 anywhere when naming my game.

I contacted an IP lawyer friend and was told that if I don’t want to put up a fight which cost money and time, I better just change the name. Well, I don’t want to waste money and time on a hobby website, so I changed all 24theory related stuff to 4 numbers (4nums.com).

Here you go, the same old math 24 game we all played even before that company existed, but with a different name (4 numbers) on this new website (4nums.com).

Have fun!

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