I once thought developing mobile apps insurmountably hard. Not true, especially for simple apps that looks and feels like webpages. I pickup phonegap as the platform and wrote the apps like writing web-games.

I put my hands on mobiel app development in March 2013, and by September, all 12 apps are int the market. That is 3 core apps X 2 X 2, where the first X2 is English/Chinese, the second X2 is android/IOS. So check it out. It’s all free.

The apps are on this page:

List of all math 24 games on 24theory (II)

This is the second part of “what’s new with 24theory”.

1024test: you want to know how good a math 24 player you are against other players? Take this test. We will give you 10 math 24 puzzles (hence 1024 the name), each of a different difficulty levels. We’ll give you a score telling you how good a mathlete you are. It has been recently incorporated into our solo game. After finishing each solo game, we give you a “1024 score”, 100 being the greatest player ever and 1 being the worst.

Live game: you want to play math 24 game in real time with people from around the world? Try this. We send out a new game at the beginning of every minute. You solve it, we record the time. And at 45 seconds of that minute, we rank all submissions. And you can see your rankings in a real time fashion. The live game has rapidly become the most popular game on 24theory. It’s truly addictive.



List of all math 24 games on 24theory (I)

In the past year, I developed several new games in addition to the original solo game.

Math 24 challenge mode: in this game, you can play 5, 10 or 20 puzzles then send the resulted link to your friends. Your score is encrypted in the link. After your friends finish the same puzzles, they can see both scores and know who wins. If you choose to, you could get an instant email with the results. This is great for teachers to assign math 24 puzzles to students.

Kids’ 24 game: in this game, we only allow puzzles  that can be solved without divisions and/or multiplications. It’s a great beginner game for kids to learn basic additions, subtractions and multiplications.